Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh, Will You Just Shutup About Illegals

I get so tired of listening to pseudo-patriotic diatribes going on about illegals. I lived in Brackettville, seventeen miles from Mexico as the crow flies, for fourteen years and learned a few things about illegals.  Without illegals you can't farm because you can't hire farm workers;  American citizens won't do that kind of work for any sum of money.  Without illegals you can't run any sort of construction business because you can't hire workers;  American citizens won't do that kind of work for any sum of money.   Without illegals you can't get rid of garbage, eat fast food, or do any cattle ranching because (by now I'm sure you've guessed) American citizens won't do that kind of work for any sum of money.

No matter how you feel about illegals, the fact is that businesses all over the United States would be severely crippled without them.

Most illegals have forged, bogus Social Security cards but the U.S. Government is pleased to accept their taxes and Social Security payments.  For our government this is *free money* because they'll never have to pay a refund on the taxes collected on bogus Social Security accounts and they'll never have to provide any benefits to those workers.

Thousands of American citizens make out like bandits by renting substandard housing to illegals at premium rates.  The illegals will never complain for fear of being deported.  The landlords never have to fix anything or worry that their tenants are going to make trouble for them and those landlords are paid in cash so the chances are good they don't bother to report the income.

Medical facilities and mechanics routinely charge illegals about twice the going rates with complete impunity.  They know that illegals will just pay the money, in cash, and never complain.

Once our government has pissed away millions of dollars on a giant fence, illegals will find other ways to get across the border. The fence isn't a solution.  I don't like it but the only solution I can think of would be to annex Mexico as our 51st state.

Mexican nationals are, de facto, an integral part of the U.S. economy and, while I'm debunking mythology, the majority of those who abuse our nations welfare and social services systems are native born American citizens who grew up in this country and have learned from the inside how to properly exploit the system.

No, I don't have any brilliant ideas about how to solve the illegal problem but figuring out that the only solution our government has come up with so far is going to be a fiasco isn't rocket science. American politicians have always chosen to deal with the hard problems by throwing money at them. The problems don't ever go away but when the government starts throwing money people tend to stop bitching and start grabbing. We call that the Status Quo and it keeps folks complacent until they get distracted by the next big problem.

If you're up for some irony, who do you think is building that much vaunted fence?
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