Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Somewhere along the way it occurred to me that my life is interesting to me but hardly of interest to anyone else so blogging is a little silly. So I lost interest in it. Lately there have been occasions when I just wanted to put my thoughts and feelings on paper (albeit virtual). I just want to say something, as it were, without worrying about whether or not anyone is listening. I think I've lost interest in twitter because it seems like shallow blogging. I do spend a little time on facebook and G+ but that doesn't really take long and afterwards I feel I may have missed the point. I want to interact with folks on a meaningful level, I'm just not sure how. A part of me feels that I simply don't have anything meaningful, or valuable, to offer. On another level, I know that isn't entirely true but it may be true that I don't have anything to offer that hundreds of other folks haven't offered, on multiple occasions, all over the web, and once information is on the web, it's out there forever. So, in the end, anything I can contribute, in the way of information, is certain to be redundant and that tends to reinforce my suspicion that writing anything at all is an exercise in futility. :) Where's the point?