Saturday, February 06, 2010

Universal Life Church

I am an ordained minister in the ULC, which is free on the web though it seems to me it was ten or twenty dollars in the ads which were in the back of most comic books when I was a kid. I've been asked if I seriously consider myself to be a reverend/minister/preacher. This is my 'official' answer to that question.


If you understand that, to me, it means I hold all life in reverence
then I am a reverend.

If you accept that it means I will tend your wounds if I am able
and hold your hand if it helps you face your demons
then I am a minister.

If you believe me when I tell you that God does not
want you to be cold, hungry, alone or afraid
Then I am a preacher.


This isn't a quotation. These are my words and they come from my heart.