Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can someone loan me a (reg)fly swatter?

I've been getting emails from, formerly, complimenting me on having been a good customer since 2002. I finally tracked down an online feedback form to tell them what I thought of their ads. Here's what I told them:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ treated me horribly. They took my money but wouldn't apply it to my account (or show me how to apply it to my account). Consequently, both of my domains, one being very important to me, were lost forever. I elected to write off the money I gave to Registerfly as the price of learning a lesson and that should have been the end of the story but it wasn't.

Now you're sending me email, talking to me as if I were a valuable customer who you'd like to bring back into the fold; as if had never ignored or abused me. Nor is there any sort of link in the email where I can click to opt-out of your charming advertisements.

So, some seven years have gone by and not much has changed with registerfly except your name (which is now regfly); you're still abusing me and I'm still putting up with it.

All that's really changed is that I got myself a new domain, from another provider, and haven't had any trouble with it at all.

So, if you were in my place, how would you feel about these ads you've been sending me?

Was I too harsh? Do you think they'll understand? Is there any chance I'll stop getting email from them? Guesses anyone? :)