Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hillary Who?

This is a significant day in Texas. Why? Because it's election day and why, you ask, is that significant? Because it means no more canned telephone calls from Hillary on behalf of herself, Bill on behalf of Hillary, Sally Fields on behalf of Hillary, legions of nameless campaign workers on behalf of Hillary and no more glitzy junk mail from the Clinton campaign.

I don't know squat about politics but I'm certain that nothing presented to me by the time honored tradition of media blitz can be trusted. I'll admit that I don't watch television or read newspapers so I don't know whether or not the Clinton campaign has gone the entire distance with their campaign but I do know that I've been awakened at least four times in the last couple of weeks by automated telephone calls in support of Hillary and I foresee many more such calls if she wins the nomination. I'll do whatever I can to prevent that.

Heck, I don't even know (or care) which party I'm registered with but I do have a voter registration card in my wallet and I'm darn well going to use it this evening to vote for whomever is opposite Hillary Clinton (if she's on my ballot) simply because whomever that is hasn't awakened me from a sound sleep in the attempt to promote their campaign and I fully support anyone who runs a peaceful, quiet campaign. I'm not hard to get along with as long as you don't disturb my sleep.

Ok, there are other reasons, like, how can I support a woman who "just lays there" when her spouse in unfaithful? She kept totally quiet in order to distance herself from his indiscretions but she should have thrown his arse out of the White House. Some women keep quiet because they're afraid but I'm pretty sure Hillary isn't afraid.

My wife says "Hillary already had her chance in the White House and she blew it".

I say "If she doesn't lose I'll have to become a campaign worker for the opposition".

Nuff said.
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